demo landing permit Curacao immigration

This is how your landing permit will look like!

Landing permit is also knows as Oproepingsbrief or Call Letter. Once you submit your papers in Immigration department of Curacao (Vreemdelingendienst, you will receive a Copy Client from Curacao Immigration Department. Right after receiving Copy client you should be able to get your landing permit with in 3-4 months as normal time frame. (Students permit get process faster than other permits, your school should be able to tell you tentative processing time for landing permit, please notice application from some countries may take longer than 3-4 months standard time frame also. Please check with Curacao Immigration department for these countries) 

What is Landing Permit and what you should do after getting it?

Landing permit is Visa call letter for Curacao and has validity of only 2 months from the day it is issued. You should arrange your visa to come Curacao in this time frame. Required documents to obtain visa for Curacao can be checked from the Dutch Embassy in your country. It may varies from country to country.

Following steps need to be done as soon as you receive landing permit.

  1. Make an appointment with Dutch embassy for your Visa to Curacao
  2. If you do not have direct flight to Curacao and if you are flying through Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam, The Netherlands then check with Dutch embassy that you need transit visa or not (Indian passport holder do not need this transit visa) for The Netherlands if you have visa for Curacao.
  3. Prepare your visa application and supportive documents for an interview.
  4. Once you get visa for Curacao you are ready to fly but make sure that you have return ticket to your country from where you are flying in order to clear immigration at Curacao. (Return ticket is one of the requirements from Curacao immigration department).
  5. Once you come to Curacao, make an appointment to Curacao Immigration department to finish rest of the process to collect your resident permit.

Please notice this information is completely based on my personal experience and I have mentioned here just to help you with initial information. Please check with all concern and associated departments for your process before proceeding  for anything. Author of this blog do not take any responsibilities for the content written here. For more please read declaimer.



  1. Hi! Is there any place I can find pictures of Avalon university? I found a video online of the building project and loved it but I was wondering if it’s already finished or not? If not, when will it be done? Thank you for this post!

  2. HALLO !i want to inform about procedure to a student visa ffor a student from lebanon who has graduate as interior designdr and want to do the madter in curacao .plz help me .thank you admin ,

    • Hi Sara,
      In order to go to Curacao for study, first you have to get an admission in the university in Curacao, some of the very reputed universities in Curacao are (1) Avalon University School of Medicine, which is one of the best Caribbean Medical School but it offers only MD medical program (2) University of Curacao which offers program in LAW, Engineering, Social Sciences and Economics and Social and Behavioral Sciences. I hope this will help!

  3. hello.
    my name ziyad .from palestine i stay and work in qatar .also my wife work in qatar .
    we have 3 kids.
    i want to know more informatino about immigration and the decouments for immigration .
    thanks .

    • Hi Ziyad, you did not mention that for which country you want to know about immigration? Please let me know which kind of information you are looking for and we will get them for you.


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