Impressive Car Customization by BRABUS

Do you like high-level customization of your premium vehicle? Then you should definitely see these 15 things You Didn't Know About BRABUS video by Alux. In the below video you will get answer the following questions:

  1. Who founded Brabus?
  2. Who owns Brabus?
  3. Which are the main Brabus customed car brands?
  4. Which is the fastest Brabus car?
  5. Which is the most powerful Brabus car?
  6. Which is the most expensive Brabus car?
  7. Where can you find a Brabus workshop?
  8. Where care you buy Brabus customed cars?
  9. Who owns the most expensive Brabus car?
  10. How fast is the Brabus Rocket 900?
  11. How big is the Brabus 6x6?
  12. How expensive is the Brabus G Wagon?
  13. How fast is the Brabus 850 Coupe?


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