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Demo Landing Permit - Curacao

In my last post I have mentioned about Landing permit, here I will describe step by step procedure on how to obtain Resident Permit once you arrive to Curacao.

Step -1: As soon as you arrive Curacao, visit immigration office Curacao. Address of immigration office is written on your landing permit (on top left corner). All taxi people know that address and will take you there. The best time to reach immigration office is 7:30 am in order to finish your work without much waiting there.

Step - 2: In the immigration office, go to security person and ask for the number to collect "Depositokaart" [Depositokaart is the slip to make payment for immigration security deposit] This amount is based on air fair to your home country. For USA passport holder it is Naf 1000 (US$ 555.56) , for Canadian passport holder required money to pay is Naf 2000 (US$ 1111.11). For people from other country amount will be written on your "depositokaart", and you have to pay the exact amount in local currency at "ONTVANGER" office. You will need following documents to collect your "depositokaart"

  1. Passport (Must be valid for minimum of 6 months at the time of your arrival)
  2. Landing Permit
  3. Your arrival stamp slip (pink color immigration card, this will be stamped when you will clear immigration at Curacao airport first time)

Step-3: Once you receive "Depositokaart", go to Government TAX office known as ONTVANGER office (locally known as "Belastingkantoor")  in Curacao, This office also very well known and all taxi people know this place. When you reach there take your number from the security by telling him/her that you need to pay Immigration security deposit, if you are not sure what to say show your "depositokaart" which you received from Curacao Immigration office and tell him/her that you want to pay the fees. Security will give you number for that. Wait for your turn and pay mentioned fees. You need to pay this fees only in local currency (Foreign currency will not be accepted).

Step - 4: As soon as you pay this fees, you will get receipt. This receipt is important and keep it safe. You will need this slip when you want to get this security money back (when you will leave island for good).

Step - 5: Get health insurance from any health insurance company on island, you will need 1 year valid health insurance in order to collect resident permit. (Once you have all above mentioned documents (1) Passport (2) Landing Permit (3) Security Deposit paid receipt (4) Health Insurance (5) 2 passport size pictures (35mm X 45mm on white back ground) (6) Pink airport immigration stamp card than go to immigration office)

Step - 7: Finally go to immigration office to collect resident permit, with following documents.

  1. Passport (must be valid for minimum 6 months)
  2. valid visa on your passport
  3. 1 year health insurance
  4. landing permit
  5. Resident permit security deposit slip
  6. Pink card which you got stamped at airport immigration
  7. 2 passport size pictures (35mm X 45mm, white back ground, all photographers in Curacao knows the specification for resident permit pictures so please tell them that you need photos for resident permit)

NOTE: Given information is completely based on personal experience, it is possible that procedure may have changed please check with the immigration department for the latest procedure. Intention to write this information is to just help you. Author of this blog do not take any responsibilities for any loss. Please read disclaimer for more details.


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