Apostille stamp in India

This is how Apostille stamp done in India looks like

Here is the complete procedure to get an Apostille stamp in India. First let's see total how many places you can get an Apostille stamp from India.

Here is the places in India you can apostille your certificate

Ministry of External Affairs is the nodal Ministry for consular legalization and Apostille of documents for use in India and abroad.

This service is being performed by the Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi at the following locations:

(1) Delhi Ministry of External Affairs
(Consular, Passport & Visa Division),
Attestation Cell, Patiala House Annexe,
Tilak Marg, New Delhi-110011.
Telefax: 011-2338-7931
Email 1: sooi@mea.gov.in, Email 2: usexoi@mea.gov.in 
(2) Chennai Ministry of External Affairs Branch Secretariat,
68, College Road, E.V.K. Sampath Mallaligai,
7th Floor, Numgambakkam,
Chennai -600006.
Phone: 044-28252200, 28251323
Fax: 044-28251034
Email: usbs.chennai@mea.gov.in
(3) Hyderabad Ministry of External Affairs Branch Secretariat
B-Block, Room No. 310-312,
Andhra Pradesh Secretariat,
Phone: 040-23456051,
Fax: 040-23451244
Email: hobs.hyderabad@mea.gov.in
(4) Kolkata Ministry of External Affairs Branch Secretariat
2, Ballygunge, Park Road,
Phone: 033-22879701, 22802686,
Fax: 033-22879703,
Email: meacal@dataone.in
(5) Guwahati Ministry of External Affairs Branch Secretariat
House No. 307, Beltola, Basistha Road,
Phone: 0361-2229155, 2229156,
Fax: 0361-2229157
Email: hobs.guwahati@mea.gov.in

Step by Step procedure on how to get Apostille stamp on your Birth Certificate

  1. All original documents requiring attestation or Apostille should be first authenticated by the designated agencies in the State from where the document has been issued.
  2. The following supporting documents are to be submitted along with the original document.
    1. A Photo copy of the document to be attested and
    2. A Photocopy of the Passport whose document required to be legalized only on
    3. Only original documents are legalized and not on photo copies.
  3. Fee for Apostille : A fee of Rs. 50/- is payable by means of Postal Order drawn in favor of Pay & Accounts Officer (PAO), Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi, for Apostille on each document. However, there is no fee for normal attestation (Non-Apostille) of documents. Documents requiring attestation should be submitted personally or through an authorized representative at the counters of the above-mentioned offices. In no case, the documents may be sent for attestation by post/courier.

Source of information is Ministry of External affairs. Please visit this official link for more details if you are still looking for more specific information. 



  1. Hello Admin

    I am living in Switzerland and to register my daughter’s birth ,need to get both parents birth certificate to be legalized . We are getting only online birth certificate issued in Kerala without a seal and sign. It has a barcode and a note in the bottom saying

    ‘This certificate is computer generated and does not require any Seal/Signature in original
    The Govt. vide G.O.(Ms) No.202/2012/LSGD dated 25/07/2012 has approved this certificate as a valid document for all official purposes
    Authenticity of this certificate can be verified at http://www.cr.lsgkerala.gov.in. The Key Number is unique to each event

    This document can be appostile?

  2. Hullo, we are private manufacturing firm based in Thane, Maharashtra, INDIA. We have been asked by our customer in Kazakhstan to provide a tax residency certificate and apostilled by the designated agency. Can you please explain what are the procedures and if there are agencies who can help us get this done.

    • Hello there, you have not mentioned that from where you have to get Tax Residency Certificate so we assume you may need it from Kazakhstan. We are sorry to say but we have no idea about the Tax Residency Certificates from Kazakhstan, but once you get that from concern department then that needs to be apostilled, but a foreign issued documents cannot be apostilled in India. It has to be apostilled from the issuing country itself. I think you may need to hire a knowledgeable attorney (lawyer) for this. Get some professional help.

  3. Actually i m a indian citizen and i had all my documents of india except passport.i had my educational marksheet i.e of grade 10 n 12 from Nepal…To issue the passport in Rajasthan, the passport officers said that i need to apostile my marksheet.Can i know the process please? I need to get my marksheet apostile.

  4. Hello Admin,

    I am from Nepal and holding Nepalese passport. And I am working here in India as Software Engineer.

    My company is sending me to Belgium on project work. And I have submitted my documents to global VFS for Work-Permit Visa processing enclosing my Nepalese PCC (Police Clearance Certificate) attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Belgium Consulate in Nepal.

    But Belgium Consulate has put my application on hold as they are asking for Indian PCC (It has to be attested by MEA, Delhi), since I have worked here for more than 12 months.

    In india , PCC is issued from regional passport office . In that case I don’t know how to get the Indian PCC.
    Could you please guide me to get the Indian PCC and attestation from MEA, Delhi.


  5. Hi Admin,

    I need some clarification on Appostile, recently i went to agency for Appostile and asked them for Appostile on my B.tech degree. Then i recived my origanl degree with Appostile stepm on back end.

    Now i shared the photo copy to Czech Republic an they said “we need the true copy with apostille, not the original itself with apostille”

    Can you conform if we can get the Appostile on True copy or its Appostile can be done on original document?

  6. Hi I’m from India bt right now I’m in Norway I’m going apply for family immigration whether original documents of marriage certificate is enough or whether I should get attested by MEA

  7. Hello,

    I have a Birth Certificate issued from Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. I need to submit it for applying for a work permit for Netherlands. I understand that before getting it Apostiled it at the MEA, it needs to be authenticated by an approved authority.

    Can the Sub-Division Magistrate, New Delhi do the authentication? Some agents have advised that some countries accept it, but Netherlands may insist on getting the authentication done by the Home Department of the state where the original certificate was issued.

    Appreciate your guidance on the correct process required for Netherlands’ purposes.

    Many thanks, VG

    • Hi VG,
      There are some agencies available who can get this apostille stamp for your on your required documents without going through all hassle.
      Good luck….

  8. Hi Admin, i have a clarification on Apostillation. I have received a job offer in Poland and my recruiter is currently arranging for a work permit for me. I also need to arrange for a dependant visa for my wife. i have the below questions. would be really helpful if you can clarify them.

    1. for my work permit Visa for Pland, do i need to apostille any of my original documents in India?
    2. For my wife’s Dependant visa for Poland, is it enough just to apostille our marriage certificate?
    3. If any docs are required to be apostilled, what other docs are required to be apostiled?
    4. I am from chennai, and can i apostille our marraige certificate by myself from above address you have posted above?
    5. If i cant do on my own, what is the generic fees charged by agents to get the docs apostilled?
    6. What is the average time taken to get the docs apostilled?
    7. Can we get the docs apostilled even before my work permit is issued by the Polish government?

    thanks a lot for your assistance in this regard.

    • See my answers for your questions below.
      1. for my work permit Visa for Pland, do i need to apostille any of my original documents in India? – PLEASE CHECK WITH POLAND IMMIGRATION DEPARTMENT
      2. For my wife’s Dependant visa for Poland, is it enough just to apostille our marriage certificate? – PLEASE CHECK WITH POLAND IMMIGRATION DEPARTMENT
      4. I am from chennai, and can i apostille our marraige certificate by myself from above address you have posted above? YES, YOU CAN.
      5. If i cant do on my own, what is the generic fees charged by agents to get the docs apostilled? – IT VARIES BUT NORMAL PRICE RANGE IS INR 5000 – INR 7000 / DOCUMENT
      6. What is the average time taken to get the docs apostilled? – IF YOU GO THROUGH AGENT THEN 1 WEEK, BY YOUR SELF – “GOOD LUCK, NO IDEA, HOW COOPERATIVE ALL OFFICERS ARE”
      7. Can we get the docs apostilled even before my work permit is issued by the Polish government? – YES, IN FACT YOU HAVE TO DO IT BEFORE APPLYING FOR WORK PERMIT (MOST OF THE TIME THIS IS THE CASE)

  9. Uday Shankar Mareedu on


    This is Uday. I am living in Switzerland and I am getting married in November 2017.
    Can you provide the details on how I can get my marriage certificate apostille from both state State Home Ministry and Ministry of External Affairs?

    Where can I get the apostille for MEA and how long it will take until I receive the certificate attested.

    I am living in Andhra Pradesh in India form where I will receive the marriage certificate.

    Thanks for you support!


    • Hi Uday, congratulations…and you’re welcome. As far as I know that you need to get an apostille from MEA India and not from State Home Ministry (if at the state level then you need to go to General Administration Department, which is known as GAD. If you find a good agent in Andhrapradesh than they will do it for you. Please read my previous comments there you may be able to find contact details.

      To get a marriage certificate, you need to “knock the door” of Registrar Office where you get married.

  10. Hi Admin.

    I am planning to travel to Austria on work visa and needed to get appostile stamp on birth certificate.

    I have a birth certificate issued in 1986 ? Do they accept birth certificate issued in 1986 or i need to apply for a fresh one.

    • No, it is always a good idea to get a birth certificate re-issued as most of the country accepts a recent copy of the birth certificate and not the old one. So dude, get the new one.

      Good luck…

  11. Hello,

    I currently work in Germany on a german work permit and contract. I received a job offer in Spain, and have to apply for a Spanish work permit. For the application, I am required to submit an Indian PCC (Police Clearance Certificate) to them.

    This PCC has to have an Apostille. I have looked everywhere, and cannot seem to find any information on how to do it. Can you pleasse help me out? Is there anywhere I can get it done in Germany?

    If I have to do it in India, what do I have to do?

    • Bro / Sis, as far as I know, that apostille stamp you can not get from outside of an India for an Indian document. If a document is issued in Germany by German govt. or any German office, then you should try to get an apostille stamp from the Spanish Embassy in Germany. They may do it (not sure – call them and find out). If the document is an Indian then you can get an apostille from MEA – Delhi. You can find contact details of MEA India in my post above.

      Good luck

  12. Hi, I need apostille for my police verification. MY passport has expired but I have given it for renewal. SO, do I need to get the apostille with the old passport or should I wait until the new one comes? Also, How long does the process takes?

  13. Hi, I have Indian Passport in UK with my husband who is British citizen and who also has a OCI. My son was born recently and has British citizenship since birth. When I applied for my son’s OCI to VFS in UK, I supplied my marriage certificate which has been given by Government registered Islamic center in Lucknow. I have been asked by Indian consulate in UK to supply a marriage certificate from the Government Marriage registration office of my area, i.e. Lucknow. Can you please advise how to do I get my current marriage certificate government registered? Can an Apostille stamp on my original marriage certificate be sufficient?

    • Marriage certificate issued by Islamic Jamat Khana (Islamic center – Lucknow) or any other religious place is not a legal document in the sight of foreign countries. So you should definitely get your marriage registered in Lucknow Marriage Registrar office. Once you have Islamic marriage certificate then it is easy to get your registered marriage certificate. You should go to registrar office there you will see so many freelance advocates which can help you to get marriage registered and getting a certificate for nominal fees. The process sounds confusing but believe me it’s very easy once you contact someone in the marriage registrar office.

      Once you have a certificate you can get it apostille from MEA- Delhi.

  14. Hi,

    I am from Hyderabad and i am looking for my Original Degree certificate legalization, it is from JNTU hyderabad. Can you please let me know the timeframe required to get it apostiled?

    Thank You.

  15. Sir This vijay
    I live near Hyderabad I need to get all my certificate appostilled. is there any facility in hyderabad please help me and gives full details for whom to cunsult. thank you

    • We do not have any affiliation with any company for this but you can visit the Ministry of External Affairs Office and there you will see many freelancers available to help you for nominal fees, please hire anyone at your risk as we do not recommend anyone.

  16. hello, I need my marriage certificate be translated in Russian language and also get apostile. I have original marriage certificate. I am from Kolkata. Can you please tell me where can I do it?

  17. Hi Admin,

    I need my birth certificate apostilled for visa purposes for the NL. I have a couple of questions.

    1) I am living in the US, I moved when India was not a member of the huage convention. So I believe my birth certificate was legalized. Will this work instead of a apostille?

    2) I see in your responses that your birth certificate cannot be older than 12 months, how I get a birth certificate reissued? I was born in Nellore, AP.

    • Hi there, all municipality keeps a record of birth, and if your birth was registered that time then you can request them to re-issue a birth certificate in English, they will charge some fees (I believe INR 30 for English) and will issue a birth certificate.

      If birt was not registered then you have to go to court to get your birth registered, this is lengthy process may take 6 – 12 month (depends on how the court is busy). Yes NL required an apostille birth certificate not older than 12 months. Good luck

  18. Hi , I have to appostile my birth certificate and marriage certificate. It is laminated. What should I do? Also if someone doesn’t have birth certificate, then does his 10th class certificate solve the purpose? And one more thing, how much time it takes to appostile in person?

    • Please do not laminate any of the official documents as most of the places do not accept laminated documents. if someone doesn’t have a birth certificate, then does his 10th class certificate solve the purpose? – It depends on what is requested. If a destination country has requested a birth certificate precisely then I do not think 10th certificate will serve the purpose. how much time does it take to appostile in person? – If the document is legalized by GAD department then NMEA – National Ministry of External Affairs take one day to give you appostile stamp.


    I hope this means query.
    I need my birth cert. apostilled. It was issued in Gorakpur in July 1947. I was born on 20 May.
    Kindly advise.

    • Hello Admin,

      Very good information and looks like its hold valid till today.

      Can you please answer my question-

      My wife and myself would like to get our birth certificates apostilled. We need to use these certificates in Zurich, Switzerland.

      My wife has birth certificate from Ranchi ( in HIndi ) and I have from Ferozpur ( in Punjabi).

      What I have understood from your earlier replies is –

      1. The documents need to be translated to English first. ( can be done in the GAD also or any agent can do it ?)

      2. Then they need to be legalized at GAD (general administration department). My wife has to get it done from Jharkhand and my certificate will have to be done from Punjab. ( This is the only way or can it be done in any one place? )

      3. After that, the legalized documents can be taken to any of the 5 branches of the Ministry of External affairs for apostille stamp.

      Can you please confirm if these steps are correct, add if anything is missed and answer the inline queries.

      • Dear Jennifer,

        You can have your birth certificate issued from the place where your birth is registered (as most of the country needs birth certificate not older than a year). Now, most of the places you can get birth certificates in bilingual(Local language and English)so no need to translate in English. Translated document by any agents doesn’t stand as a legal document and as far as I know, GAD does not translate documents. Once you get the birth certificate you can directly hire any reputed agents to get your certificate to be apostilled, you may be able to get details from my previous answers.
        I hope this answer will help you.

  20. Hi
    I need to get my Police Clearance Certificate apostilled for my visa application. It has been issued by the Regional Passport Ofiice, Patna, and signed by the Sr. Superintendent there.
    Do i need to get any other attestation before i stand in the line for apostille?

    • I do not think it is required of you do it through some agent or company who does apostille stamp for you, please see my answer above for the number of that company.

  21. Hello ,
    My name is Manu, i need appostile stamp on my Bachelor of Engineering Degree certificate. I am in Bangalore, Karnataka presently and how long it will take to get this document and what is the fee.

    Please suggest me.

  22. heyya,

    got a question for you. I live in the UK and want to get my marriage certificate apostilled. this was registered in Karnataka under christian marriage.(apparently that isnt enough) I was told at the embassy here i need to get it notorised only in Karnataka and get it apostilled only in Karnataka. Is this true?
    if not how do i go about this? I need it sorted in a month and i aint traveling to India.

    • hi there,

      here is the deal about the marriage certificate. (1) Your certificate need to be issued by marriage registrar office (2) Only National Ministry of External affairs (NMEA) has authority to apostille any documents, so if you have office of NMEA in Karnataka (most of the state do not has, so we prefer to say Delhi NMEA is the best place to get apostille stamp for your documents) you can get it done from there. You can read my blog post to know where do we have NMEA Apostille center in India.

      The place which asks for an Apostille stamp is considering the apostille done from Delhi NMEA, then there are many companies which provides you service to get an apostille stamp on behalf of you at some price but if it needs to be done only from Karnataka, I am sorry but do not have any company or person who can do it for you.

      I hope this may help.

  23. Sunil Kumar Dung Dung. on

    Hello, Adm,
    I am Sunil, living in Brasil. I would like to get apostille my BA certificates from Mysore university. At the moment I can´t go to India. What to yoiu sugfgest to getr it done.

    • Hi Sunil,

      There are several companies in India, who can do this apostille stamp for you on your behalf. They charge some amount for this plus courier charges for this kind of service. You may check with one of them is

      Amin Educational Supply and Services
      email: info@aessp.in

      Thank you

  24. Hello,

    I have my marriage certificate issued in Kerala without a seal and sign. It has a barcode and a note in the bottom saying
    ‘This certificate is computer generated and does not require any seal/sign in original. The gove vide GO (P) 6/2013 law dated 9/10/2013 has approved tihs certificate as a valid document for all official purposes.The authenticity of this certificate can be verified at http://www.cr.lsgkerala.gov.in. The Key Number is unique to each event.’
    Is this document OK for apostill?

    • I think this should be fine, please call NMEA (National Ministry of External Affairs) to verify before incurring any expenses.

      Thank you,

  25. Hello,

    I got my marriage certificate from Bangalore but it is not recognized in Germany. How can I get an Apostille from India while living in Germany? Any help would be much appreciated.

    Thanks and BR,

  26. Hi,
    I am Vikram from Haryana. I need my birth certificate Apostilled for visa purpose. It is in Hindi. Do I have to translate it in english before. And It has a plastic cover on it too.
    Please suggest what should I do to get it Apostilled.

    Best regards

    • Hi Vikram, yes you need an english version of your document to get it recognised outside of India. One more thing please do not get it laminated (plastic cover) on any official documents as plastic laminated documents are not valid at immigration department of most of the countries. You can get your documents apostilled at Ministry of External Affairs in Delhi. You can get details about this office from my blog. Good luck!

    • Thank you for your inputs but attestation and apostille is different thing. Please read my blog and some other blogs or official website for the difference.


  27. Hi There,

    By the way Its a great info.

    I would like to do apostille on my B.tech Consolidated Marks memo/Score card and want it as soon as possible. Problem is that, am in Portugal and can’t go to India now.

    Could you please suggest me any possible way to get it?

    Thanks In advance.


    • Hi, you can send your document to India to any company whom you trust and get it done for some fees (roughly INR 5000 – 7000 / document + post or courier charges). Hope to have you informed sufficiently.

      Thank you,

    • Thanks for reaching out to us, but I am sorry as we do not have any idea about the apostille system in Bangladesh. Good luck.



  28. Hi Admin, I am working in Hungary and I require apostille for marriage certificate for applying visa. I wanted to know the procedure and fee and duration. I am from Hyderabad

  29. Hi Admin,

    I need to Apostille my birth certificate, however I am bit confused as the birth certificate in India is mostly used in the form of 10th Standard certificate. I would like to know which department do I need to approach in the Ministry to get this certificate Apostille, Education Department or the Birth Certificate department? Or Do I need to get an original copy of my birth certificate from the local Municipal first and then approach the birth certificate departmentl?

    Moreover, How long will it take to get a document Apostille?

    • Hello,

      When any department asks you to get birth certificate, it means you have to submit birth certificate only 10th pass certificate won’t replace your birth certificate in that case (this applies to immigration departments most of the time). In this case you need to get birth certificate from local municipality as you have mentioned in your question and then approach to all required office to get appostile stamp on it as mentioned in http://www.fatteh.com/procedure-to-get-an-apostille-stamp-in-india/

      Thank you,

  30. Hi , I am Ram, Can you please tellme abount Nigeria visa, from where i could do my certificates attestations. I have done B.Tech from Punjab and M.Tech From The Global Open University, Nagaland

  31. Hi Admin,

    I need to apostille my father´s death certificate, He passed away in India (He is an Indian citizen (Indian passport) but he was living in Spain (Spanish resident card)). I do not have his passport or Indian ID document, I only have his Spanish resident card or Spanish driver licence, I got the original Indian death certificate with me, Can I get an apostille stamp with the documents that I have? Thanks.

    • Hi there, to get an appostile document from Delhi National Ministry of External Affairs is possible, if you need any help in this we can have one of our agent can look into this, if you are interested please email us at asfateh@gmail.com

  32. Hello, thanks for the post. I have a few questions.

    1. In step 1, you mentioned that the original document must be authenticated. what does that mean. For example, I have my college marksheets to apostille. I have the originals and I have university attested copies for studies abroad. what to do with that?
    2. How long will it take?

  33. Hi,

    I want to apply study permit in Denmark from India. Do I need to apostille degree certificate, birth certificate and marriage certificate. Does my spouse also need to apostille his documents. Thanks.

    • Hi there,
      Please check with the university that what are the requirements for the student visa. For immigration purpose you may need to appostile documents. For appostilation of the document please follow the same procedure.

      Thank you,

  34. AndroidFreud on

    Hi Admin,

    Thank you for this post. I need to get an apostille/legalization of an affidavit for my birth certificate to process a work permit visa to France. I am an Indian citizen but not born in India and the original birth certificate was lost when I was a child.
    As per your post above, would I need to supply an original birth certificate to obtain this apostille /legalization ? I only have an original affidavit of my birth that I had done recently.
    What would be the process to obtain this apostille stamped certification in this case?

    Thanks so much for all your help in advance!

    • Hello,
      Apostille and/or legalization of the birth certificate is based on the country where you are born. If you are born in the country which is a part of hague convention then your birth certificate need to be apostilled otherwise it need to be legalized. You have not mentioned where you were born, so keeping in mind that you are born in the country which is a part of hague convention then first you have to obtain a duplicate birth certificate from that country (no excuse) and then it need to be apostilled from the Ministry of external affairs of that country! Feel free to contact in case of any more question.

      Thank you!

  35. Coach Fortunata on

    What’s up to all, how is the whole thing, I think every one is getting more from this site, and your
    views are good for new people.

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