Self Development

This page is dedicated only for the tips and tricks on self development. Here you will find compilation of varies tips from some reputed sources.

7 things that will make you more successful

  1. First, build better you
  2. Always focus on quality not on quantity
  3. Make plans and goals
  4. Focus on small wins
  5. Know what motivates you
  6. Choose the right workplace
  7. Learn people skills

10 hurdles of belly fat

  1. If you are getting older
  2. You are doing wrong workouts
  3. You are eating too many processed foods
  4. You are eating wrong Fats
  5. Your workout isn't challenging enough
  6. You are stressed
  7. You are skimping on sleep
  8. You are apple shaped
  9. You are sick
  10. You are unmotivated